Treasure Greene (dontknowyouknow) wrote,
Treasure Greene

Bar Meme!

So, you're out.  The bar's not far and the atmosphere's pretty enjoyable inside.  Coming in, the first drink's on the house tonight, so ORDER UP!

Order a BEER and prepare your offensive because the first person you see will be your punching bag for everything that's been frustrating you lately.  Whether it's something dramatic making you fight or just some good 'ol gratuitous violence, it's going to be rough.  Bar props are slightly encourages in all scenarios.

Order a SHOT and prepare to be the object of everyone attention.  Someone you like but isn't mutually interested?  That's out the window now.  Your greatest enemy?  Hot as hell.  That close friend you've had forever?  Has a really nice body.  Stranger?  Maybe.  It doesn't matter who approaches you in heat, you're the end all and be all tonight.

Order a MIXED DRINK and get crazy!  You want a Pina Colada?  Doesn't matter if you end up in another state tonight.  Strawberry Daiquri?  You've always wanted to streak, but now it's just so freeing.  Whether your uptight normally or this is normal for you, you're going to have an insane night.  Do things you only imagined and inspire everyone else too as well.

Order SOMETHING STRAIGHT UP and get ready to be honest and open.  Deep dark secrets or just something you don't normally talk about are creeping up your throat.  You want to be open for once and have someone understand.

  1. Post with your character and the drink they've ordered.
  2. People can post in response with their own characters.
  3. Anything is fine as long as muns agree on it!
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